“I have been a patient of Glow Health LLC Institute for several months due to the extreme nature of varicosities in both of my legs. Due to the extensive treatment that was required, I felt some trepidation when I arrived for my first consult and ultrasounds. The doctor, his office/scheduling staff and medical assistants made me feel comfortable from the start. The office is run in a very professional manner, and the doctor was very thorough in explaining each procedure that would be necessary to complete my treatment plan. I can now look forward to wearing a skirt or dress for the first time in many years! I am almost at the end of my treatment and while I am thrilled about the outcome, I will miss talking to the staff each week! The staff was instrumental in dealing with my insurance company and keeping track of my treatments. I would highly recommend Glow Health LLC Institute to new patients seeking their vascular expertise.”

– Joaquin

“I am a 72 year old retired nurse manager who visited Glow Health LLC Institute for assessment and treatment for pain and swelling to my left lower leg. It was a rather pleasant experience meeting receptionist, who introduced me to the attending nurse. I was then taken in to see the doctor who I found to be a calm, very knowledgeable professional specialist. The nurse was also very caring. The doctor did explain in detail and with the Ultrasound views on screen, I was able to note the state of my unhealthy veins. I had the Laser procedure performed on my leg during my third visit. Post that procedure, I had minimal discomfort and swelling. Indeed, I have all praise and thanks to the doctor and his caring staff. I will continue spreading the good work that this office offers.”

– Linda Eligon (Senior Citizen)

“For the past eight weeks, I have been under your supervised care, receiving extensive laser vein treatments to minimize the pain and discoloration of the veins on my legs. During that time I have been treated with genuine fondness from your staff and utmost professionalism and expertise from you. I would like to share my thoughts about your exceptional practice with you. From the moment I first walked into your office (after searching extensively on the internet for the best vascular surgeon in New York and New Jersey to find the physician most experienced and trust-worthy), I was made to feel right at home by your office manager. When I met with your medical assistants, each comforted me to make me feel relaxed prior and during the procedures. And the overseeing “boss” of your staff, Zizi, was amazing, as she took time to share with me all the wonderful cosmetic procedures that were offered and administered by your skilled hands. Most of all Doctor, I must state that you truly deserve the recognition and honor bestowed on you that claim you are on top in your field. Your thorough preparation to make sure treatments are given with the utmost attention to secure a sterile and state-of-the-art facility is noted during every procedure. Your devotion to do your very best, combined with your enthusiasm to make the patient have the best possible outcome are evidenced on a continual basis. You and your staff are truly stellar role models to the profession. Thank you for your exemplary practice.”

– Jan P. Hammond Ed.D.

“I’m a serious runner and fitness professional. Varicose veins were physically affecting me with fatigue, pain and cramping. In addition my legs did not look good! I was very impressed with the doctor from the start. He conducted all my ultrasounds rather than using a technician. This gave me confidence since he is the one performing the surgical procedures. He answered all my questions and explained the whole process clearly. His manner and professionalism stand out when he treats you as a patient. The procedures were pain free and I experienced very little discomfort in my recovery. The staff is very friendly and helpful. They helped with our insurance. They made sure we got maximum insurance coverage for the procedures. I am thrilled with the results of my treatments. My legs feel better and look better. They are no longer tired and achy. I am already back to running and fitness training. I’m so happy I did this!”

– Mary Elizabeth S.

“Prior to consulting with Glow Health LLC Institute, I consulted with other vein specialists in Bergen County. The doctor at Glow Health LLC Institute was the only specialist that answered my concerns, quelled my fears and made me feel comfortable proceeding with varicose vein surgery. Everything the doctor told me was exactly what transpired during the operation and post-operative period. I have a friend who is a registered nurse and has seen results of many vein procedures. She was amazed at what the doctor did for my leg—she has never seen such good results. I want to thank Glow Health LLC Institute for what I consider to be better than perfect results and for allowing me to once again enjoy summer. For the first time in over 40 years I am now able to wear short pants and am no longer conscious about the veins bulging on my leg.”

– Kathy L.

“I want to thank you for giving me back the life I had, with no pain and the stamina to get through a day of activity with no pressure or tiredness in my legs. I searched for so long to find a physician who is truly knowledgeable of my condition and in whose analysis I could feel complete faith. I am amazed at your work and without hesitation, I would recommend your services to anyone who seeks freedom from the kind of discomfort I had for years. You and your staff are greatly appreciated.”

– Vivian Digiamo

“After four kids, it is a significant question of where to go for treatment. In the hands of aboard certified doctor there is every confidence. Your legs can feel & look 25 years younger. He realizes expectations! The staff is exceptional, caring and anticipates every need. It is conservative care with spectacular results. And it is submitted to Insurance. I felt like I was at the best day spa in America.”

– Bridgete L. (Attorney at Law)

“I came to you with many questions and worries, not to mention what I called the ugliest legs you will ever see. After four pregnancies and with a family history of varicose veins, I never would have imagined the transformation that took place.”

– Anonymous

“Thanks to the procedures you performed, now I wear skirts and shorts without giving it a second thought. The bumps and bulges are all gone, right down to those small purple lines.”

– Anonymous

“Thank you for your patience with a very challenging case. I also want to thank your billing staff for working with my insurance company to make these procedures financially manageable for me. Finally, thanks to your office staff for working with my hectic schedule so this could all be possible.

– Anonymous

“I would encourage women who try to hide these ugly veins to have them properly, medically managed by you and your team of experts. They could not pick a better physician and medical team. I feel so much better about myself and the way my legs look. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

– Donna W.

“In the hands of Glow Health LLC Insitiute there is every confidence. Your legs can feel & look 25 years younger. The staff is exceptional and anticipates every need. I felt like I was at the best day spa in America.”

– Bridgete L.

“For years, I suffered terribly with painful and unsightly leg veins. The pain (burning, swelling, and tingling) was taking a toll on my everyday life. I knew I would have to medically address the situation but feared the procedure as well as what the result and recuperation would be (let alone the cost).”

– Anonymous

“Your office was like finding a gold mine. Not only did your staff give me the confidence and emotional support I needed, but they also took on the task of dealing with the insurance company for me. From my initial call to your office through the consultation and the paperwork, I knew I was in good hands.”

– Anonymous

“Glow Health LLC Institute, you made it so I can perform each day as if I had no medical condition. Recuperation required nothing more than an over-the-counter pain reliever and two days of rest. As a hairstylist who stands on his feet all day, I am relieved to be pain free. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done.”

– Richard Schonenberg

“I have had spider veins for the last 15 years. In the last 5 years they became so noticeable that I would no longer wear shorts in public because my legs looked so terrible. At first I looked at this as strictly cosmetic, but the doctor explained to me that in addition to eliminating the spider veins, I needed several procedures to make sure I didn’t get more in the future. Throughout the entire process the staff was always very helpful in explaining what needed to be done. The office staff is very warm and friendly. I am glad I finally decided to do this and am happy that I chose the Glow Health LLC Institute as the place to have it done. I only wish I had done this sooner.”

– Diane H.

“I am a registered nurse, and I recommend Glow Health LLC Institute for people who are looking to have varicose veins removed or are just trying to get rid of unattractive spider veins. The doctor is highly knowledgeable in his field and has the latest medical equipment in his office to assure positive results with every procedure. In addition, he and his staff are very professional and helpful. The doctor removed painful varicose veins in both of my legs, and I couldn’t be happier. He is presently working on my spider veins, and I am amazed at the results. I am looking forward to the summer thanks to Glow Health LLC Institute.”

– Cheryl D. (R.N.)

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Very pleasant

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Very informative and professional

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The best doctor And best office

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He was amazing! Incredibly informative and answered all of my questions!

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Doctor was very professional and answer all my questions

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La atención es excelente el personal muy atento cervisial 100% recomendable excelente atención tenía duda pero estoy en las mejores manos

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Best doctor, best office Thank you everyone

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Excellent, staff & doctor are very professional and respectful of my needs.

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Doctor y equipo excelente son tan amables y contenedores , realmente muy cómoda me siento con mi tratamiento en mis piernas , no los cambio por nada

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Great service and results

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They are very caring. The nurses are kind and the doctor is professional and answers any questions that you have.

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Zdzislaw K.
Great office to walk into . Everyone is nice and make you feel at ease.

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Amazing and knowledgeable staff. Wonderful doctor. Overall outstanding experience.

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I have been suffering with neuropathy for many years and painful varicose veins in 2020 I decided to try to get relief. I not only got relief but received a new lease on life. The staff was very professional and followed the protocols for safety against the COVID 19 virus thank you so very much!

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He’s awesome! Very kind and profesional.

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What a great place. Everyone is friendly and professional….so happy with the services received. Must try.