The NE Laser Vein Institute is proud to now offer...

flawless makeoverThis comprehensive facial package includes all of our unique services and technologies. Each comprehensive treatment plan is customized to restore your natural beauty over a one year term. This package will utilize all of the latest technologies and techniques you need to achieve a natural younger more youthful appearance.


  • Juvederm or Restalyn - 1 syringe
  • Botox - 2 sessions: once every 5 months
  • Laser Hair Removal - *4 sessions: once every 5 weeks (Lip, Underarm or chin)
  • Microdermabrasion - 4 sessions: once every 4 weeks
  • Corrective natural acid peel - Includes 2 Post Peel Home Care Products
  • 2 treatments: once every 6-8 weeks followed by Microdermabrasion series.
  • Organic Enzyme Peel - 2 treatments:
  • Performed 1 week after each Corrective Peel Treatment
    *Laser Hair Removal and Facial Treatments cannot be performed on the same day.
  • 25% OFF All Home Skin Care

As a way for us to thank you for your trust and commitment, this package features discounts up to 30% off the regularly priced services.

*Payment plans available for your convenience

Body Contouring cellulite reduction skin tightening

Your choice pricing for 6 treatments

  • Arms flanks knees Reg. $1200 now $1000
  • Eyes forehead decolette Reg. $900 now $750
  • Nasalabial hands Reg. $600 now $500
  • Lower face bra fat Reg. $1500 now $1250

Your choice pricing for 8 treatments

  • Abdomen legs Reg. $2800 now $2450
  • Buttocks Reg. $2000 now $1750
  • Stretch marks scars Reg. $1200 now $1050