After sclerotherapy, when can I switch to a lower grade compression stocking?

It's been 10 days since I had sclerotherapy. I have been wearing 30-40 mmHg compression stockings. When can I switch to 20-40 mmHg compression?

After a week, patients can switch to the lower compression. The compression helps with the healing process. Please do check with your doctor.


Am I suppose to still have these bruises?

A month ago I ended up with two bruises on my left thigh: one on my right thigh and one that covered half of my left foot. The one on my foot still hurts to touch and if I catch my foot at the right angle, there's tiny dimples. Any explanations?

What procedure was done? Sometimes there is bruising due to the laser procedure or the mini phlebectomy, and this can take a while to go away. You should call the office of your treating physician to schedule a follow-up.